Is quitting so bad…??

No one wants to be described as a quitter, myself included.  However, there are some times in life when quitting one thing and changing directions is exactly what you should be doing.  If continuing what you are doing is causing you or someone else harm and can be avoided, QUIT!!!

Recently, I participated in a 30km Coastal Trek.  I knew that some of it would be on the sand which could cause problems for my chronic illness.  I did it anyway with some strategies in place to overcome these challenges.  However, I was not prepared for the first 4 hours of the wphigyugqpvu-bruno-nascimentoalk to be on soft, shifting sand.  It destroyed me.  I had never walked this long on the sand before and was unprepared for how my body coped.  It didn’t cope well.  Continue reading “Is quitting so bad…??”