Adventures are awaiting….

I love to be in control.  I also love to be efficient, organised, informed and good at what I do.  The more balls I can juggle, the more exciting and challenging it is.  I love finding out how much I can manage…..when it is on my terms.   And then I crash, recover and search for the next shiny thing.

As great (or not) as all that was, I guess deep down, I yearned for a real adventure.  For an unusual and exciting or yuwkdfplp6w-samuel-claradaring experience. I didn’t want to just be ‘busy’ and so calculated all the time.  However, to me an adventure seemed so out of control, scary, unorganised and often included the risk of failing.  Continue reading “Adventures are awaiting….”

Is quitting so bad…??

No one wants to be described as a quitter, myself included.  However, there are some times in life when quitting one thing and changing directions is exactly what you should be doing.  If continuing what you are doing is causing you or someone else harm and can be avoided, QUIT!!!

Recently, I participated in a 30km Coastal Trek.  I knew that some of it would be on the sand which could cause problems for my chronic illness.  I did it anyway with some strategies in place to overcome these challenges.  However, I was not prepared for the first 4 hours of the wphigyugqpvu-bruno-nascimentoalk to be on soft, shifting sand.  It destroyed me.  I had never walked this long on the sand before and was unprepared for how my body coped.  It didn’t cope well.  Continue reading “Is quitting so bad…??”

The Quest for Respite

photo-1462118550146-9013de7806d5Respite is one of ‘those’ words.  A healthy and necessary concept but not necessarily easy to achieve. It is imperative to be able to have a break from something that is challenging, difficult, frustrating or ongoing.  It is good on so many levels. For the soul, the mind, the energy levels, the body and those you mix with.  Knowing you have a break or a rest coming up motivates you to hang in there and keep going.  It helps with planning, prioritising and setting goals. Continue reading “The Quest for Respite”

Confronting Yet Proud

I was cleaning up the other night and I came across it. I actually hadn’t seen it before, it must have been sent directly to my daughter.

It was the letter from my daughter’s doctor outlining all the reasons why she should be able to qualify for special consideration in Year 12 due to her chronic illness.  Whoah!!  It hit me.  Seeing the ‘problems and concerns’ of someone you love in print makes it very real.   We know that putting something in print or visible has value, it is why people write out their goals or take bspring 1efore and after photos of targets they want to achieve or create vision boards.  This time for me, this list, from my daughter’s doctor, impacted me significantly. Continue reading “Confronting Yet Proud”