It’s the middle of the year, winter and you’re stuck……

Lately I have been encouraging many of my clients to set a theme for the season of life they are in.  It is super helpful when you are stuck, bored, unmotivated or confused.

I started doing this personally last year and have found it very helpful and added to the variety of my life.

Setting a theme for your life is not about setting another goal to achieve.

It is about deciding what it is that you want to experience and feel more of in this season of life.

Let’s face it, life isn’t always easy and fun, and at times it can get pretty boring.  There are also times in your life that are challenging, sad and or frustrating.  And, like it or not, these seasons often teach us, propel us or mould us into being the person we need to be for the next season so don’t be in such a rush to wish these seasons away.  However,  realistically, it can often be hard to keep this in perspective.  I take comfort in the fact that, like the climatic seasons in our weather (dear old Melbourne in particular!!), the seasons of life are constantly changing too.  Nature also shows us that no flower blooms forever, no storm lasts forever, the sun sets each day and no baby cries forever (even though it sometimes feels like they just might).  This has helped me appreciate the season of life I am in.  It helps me to be thankful and truly enjoy the good times and hang on and persevere during the harder times.

Setting a theme for each season acknowledges that life isn’t always rosy.  But it does more than acknowledges, it says, because of the season I am in, I choose to, desire to, want to experience more of a particular feeling.  It accepts the season and then hopes for more of a feeling or experience.  Acceptance and hope are the two elements that I always hold and strive to balance in my life.

My last two seasonal themes have been: –

Calm Love during Summer and Vitality during Autumn.

This meant that during Summer, everything I did, saw, spoke, read, listened to and believed took me closer to feeling and experiencing calm love.  I chose this theme as the result of a challenging 2016 and feeling anything but calm love.  I wanted to, no craved, to feel more calm love.

Then in Autumn, I was ready to feel more alive, vibrant and active.  So, the theme I set (which I really enjoyed) was vitality.  Once again, everything I did, saw, spoke, read, listened to and believed took me closer to feeling and experiencing vitality.

Okay, let’s face it, I wasn’t always successful at this, but it did provide a benchmark for me.  So, when I couldn’t decide whether to wake up early to do some exercise or have some time to myself to recharge, I asked myself “Will doing this (exercise or time out) take me closer to feeling more vitality?”  Once I answered yes, it was easier to do because it was what I wanted to experience more of.  If I didn’t, then I just took responsibility for my decision and owned it, had a heightened awareness of why I didn’t choose it and decided to choose it next time if I wanted to feel more vitality in my life.  This is also how it resulted in me having more variety in my life, I was constantly asking myself, “Will this take me closer to feeling vitality?”  If the answer was no, I started brainstorming what would and then chose that.

I love this because it is about what actions, thoughts and beliefs will take you closer to experience more of what you want in your life.  And once you start being more of something and focusing on it, the Law of Attraction comes into play and you start attracting more of this feeling, emotion and the type of people who also feel and be this.  It is a double dose and can be transformational.

So, what do you want to experience and feel more of in this upcoming Winter Season of life?  Is it love? Productivity? Fun?  Energy? Or passion?  Spend some time thinking about it and set it as a theme for this next season.  It isn’t forever, just for this season.  The 90 days will help create a rhythm and pattern as well as meet your needs for variety.  Write the word somewhere you will see it regularly, make a vision board or choose a colour that will represent this theme for you.  If you are still struggling, organise a coffee with me and we can have a chat.

Oh, and did you want to know what my theme is for Winter……


Yep, I am choosing to make decisions each day that take me closer to feeling more fun loving.

Life is short and living with chronic illness for 30 years has resulted in me being way too serious, disciplined and I can be guilty of working too hard sometimes.  So, bring on lots of choices around being fun loving.  I can’t wait!!

BTW – I nearly didn’t set this theme because I was worried I couldn’t do it.  That was a bit of a sign that I totally NEEDED to set it.  So here goes…..


Love, Lisa xx


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