Lumi is a partnership of women, passionate about helping women. At Lumi, we believe a woman is more than just their career, their family, their personal life – they are a whole woman with real desires and unique gifts. Instead of helping just one part of a woman’s life, Lumi wants to revolutionise how women see themselves in all parts of life.

Everything we do at Lumi is based around helping women to discover their purpose, be intentional and courageous, and reach their full potential. In doing this, we provide services that connect women, teach women, inspire women and encourage women to be all that they were made to be.  We do this through running events, offering training packages and life-coaching, and building an online community of women – helping women not only to build relationships, but also gain practical skills in order to pursue a rewarding career, nourish their personal development, and build a tangible vision for their life.

Our Vision for Lumi is ‘glocal’ – we want to build a community of women locally, whilst also connecting women in a network globally. So, no matter where you’re from or who you are – we welcome you to our family.

The Lumi Story

Lumi is not only a beautiful word, it’s also got a beautiful meaning. ‘Lumi’ means ‘snow’ in the Finnish language. As we know, snow is magical, captivating, enchanting – one of life’s beautiful pleasures to experience and see. But snow is also different. In fact, no single snowflake is the same. Each individual snowflake is unique and different in their own way – each on their different journey as they dance through the sky.

And what happens when snowflakes get together and gather in the thousands, millions? They gather in strength, and can cover entire buildings. Without warning, snow can take down a whole city.

For Lumi, Snow is not just beautiful, it’s powerful. Just like women.

The following blogs i have written can be found on the Lumi website

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