Personal Coaching

Coaching helps to equip you to navigate the challenges of life. It will take you towards your desired outcomes to greatly improve the quality of your life.

  • You stop the merry go round of life and regain focus on what is important to you and why.
  • You gain certainty and clarity about your beliefs and values, only keeping ones which serve, support, nurture and challenge you.
  • You stop procrastinating and start taking action, experiencing significant personal growth along the journey.
  • You gain a greater understanding about your passions, strengths and unique gifts and how to integrate them into your everyday life.
  • You discover how to use your skills to improve the lives of those around you and the world.
  • You learn how to overcome and embrace the fear that once stopped you from achieving your dreams.

Coaching can be done either face to face at a sassy, conveniently located cafe or over the phone/skype.

Coaching is a conversation and journey like no other. As your coach I will work with you to provide a safe, non judgemental and supportive environment to explore areas of your life which you feel are controlled by fear or lack of direction.  We will identify areas that you feel stuck in, unhappy with or need to gain clarity and confidence in. It is your time to let the real you come out.

Your personal journey with Lisa begins with a one on one complimentary coffee or introductory conversation. From there, Lisa will recommend possible scenarios moving forward.

Monthly coaching packages are available and include :

  • 2 x one hour coaching sessions either face to face or via skype/telephone
  • unlimited text or email support