Jayde, Melbourne, Victoria

Lisa really helped me digest a lot of information and helped me become clear on my strengths, weaknesses and goals enabling me to get through a very tough time and keep moving forward to the present which is so much brighter.  Lisa is non judgemental, a great listener and gives easily digestible advice.  She is kind, understanding and made me feel comfortable.  I found her to be gentle, professional, fair, attentive, intelligent, wise and inspiring.

Fiona, Melbourne, Victoria

Lisa created a rhythm that worked for my space and availability, including recommending options for when and how we met, once she knew my rhythm. She asked clarifying questions to ensure I was developing my own understanding and awareness rather than telling me her views HOWEVER when her input was needed and helpful, was able to offer it in.  She didn’t rush me through the conversation quicker than I was ready for and allowed it to take a natural course.  I found the follow up notes really helpful.  Lisa is very empathetic, supportive, encouraging and patient. Coaching with Lisa was a great learning experience to dig through the noise of my own insecurities to find the best way forward for this time in my life and growth.

Rochelle, Brisbane, Queensland

Lisa was an amazing help to me in seeing the brighter side of a time when I felt a little stuck. Her life coaching was extremely helpful in terms of shaping my language, encouraging reflection, and challenging my views and beliefs. To simply have someone there to talk about life in general, instead of always just letting those thoughts rotate around in my head, was a blessing.

Although I would have loved to have had our sessions in person, Lisa was great at making me feel comfortable and to be open. I believe I benefited greatly from our chats over Skype despite the distance between us. I look forward to using the techniques she has taught me throughout the many seasons I will have throughout my life. I have no doubt they will assist me during those tough seasons, and prepare me for the best seasons of my life!

Jessica, Sydney, New South Wales

“As someone who is constantly busy with a million different things running through my mind and some major personal changes in my life, I have struggled over the past year to work out how to prioritise things and keep a clear mind so I could focus on becoming more productive.

I’ve always been a chatty person but very sceptical that anyone would understand my situation better than me, the person living in it, and offer any worthwhile practical advice.

Coaching with Lisa has been a fantastic experience which has taught me to look at the things I struggle with the most and understand why that is and be able to frame situations in different ways so that they are easier to work through.

In only a couple of weeks I feel like I’ve made significant progress towards keeping little things in order so that I don’t become stressed and can focus on bigger projects in my life. I’ve looked forward to each session and feel as though by the end of the session I’ve already made progress towards goals I hadn’t even been able to put into words previously!

I’m genuinely surprised about what a difference if makes having someone with a fresh perspective help to work out precisely what my goals are and the practical steps I can take to reach them!”

Jonathan, Melbourne, Victoria

I have been working with Lisa for a little while now, and continue to do so. I employed Lisa’s services to help me with finding more clarity and direction of certain goals in my life, as well as working on a few personal issues too. Lisa has a wonderful gentle nature and makes you feel at ease at all times. She takes the time to really get to know and connect with you, rather than just giving out ‘stock-standard advice’. I have found working with her both easy and enjoyable and implementing her suggestions has been a joy too. Lisa has gone above and beyond in my opinion. Every few days I hear from her through either email or text, just to keep my mind focused on where we know it needs to be. The biggest surprise was when she had a card delivered to me, with the most perfect motivational message. I’ve seen counsellors before and other life coaches, however none of them have been as thorough and personal as Lisa. I still have lots of work to do with her and I am very much looking forward to the rest of this journey. I feel safe in her hands and trust her implicitly.