Making investments

Not that long ago, I believed that I wasn’t worthy of investing into.  I didn’t consciously think that but my behaviour and choices reflected this belief.  It was a real oxymoron paradigm for me.  On one hand, I rarely chose to invest into myself but on the other hand I must have believed that I was so unique and capable that I didn’t need to.  I must have believed that I could grow and function, love and give without ever refilling my own tank – which I can’t.  This led to me being disappointed with the state of my relationships and not achieving the results in life that I wanted.

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Motivation beyond New Year’s Resolutions

I am not a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions.  They just feel like they have so much pressure on them.  I understand that some people need or like the pressure but most of us don’t.  Many people feel guilty, overwhelmed and unclear about them.  According to statistics the 17th of January is the most common date to ditch new year’s resolutions and 80% of new year’s resolutions fail by February.

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Confronting Yet Proud

I was cleaning up the other night and I came across it. I actually hadn’t seen it before, it must have been sent directly to my daughter.

It was the letter from my daughter’s doctor outlining all the reasons why she should be able to qualify for special consideration in Year 12 due to her chronic illness.  Whoah!!  It hit me.  Seeing the ‘problems and concerns’ of someone you love in print makes it very real.   We know that putting something in print or visible has value, it is why people write out their goals or take bspring 1efore and after photos of targets they want to achieve or create vision boards.  This time for me, this list, from my daughter’s doctor, impacted me significantly. Continue reading “Confronting Yet Proud”